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Activities at Ivory Wilderness Riversong Camp include morning and afternoon walking or driving activities, and an early evening night drive.


Ivory Wilderness Riversong Camp is located in the pristine Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, which is ideal for Big 5 walking safaris. It is open to Kruger and contains all the wildlife species South Africa is famous for.

Game drives and guided walks are magnificent ways to explore the terrain, and take place on a daily basis.

Walk an African wilderness trail with the chance of encountering some of the largest and most charismatic to the smallest and most delicate creatures of the Greater Kruger Lowveld. 

Being part of a small walking trail group of a maximum of four guests, one can be subtle and sensitive enough to have remarkable encounters with the smallest elephant shrew to the most majestic African elephant.  

Birdlife is abundant, and the river is always busy with visiting wildlife. Bush breakfasts and dinners can be arranged, which are unforgettable experiences in the wild.

Daily Schedule

Activities at Ivory Wilderness Riversong Camp include morning and afternoon walking or driving activities, concluding each day with an early evening night drive to search for the more nocturnal creatures. Each morning and afternoon activity is between 3 to 4 hours in length, while the walking trails average between 3 and 9km in distance, bearing in mind guest fitness levels and trail activity.

  • 05h00 Wake up call and time for coffee before departure
  • 05h30 Depart for morning game drive or walking safari
  • 09h00 Arrive back at camp and refresh before breakfast
  • 09h30 Breakfast followed by time spent at leisure
  • 14h00 Lunch
  • 16h30 Depart for afternoon game drive or walking safari
  • 19h30 Arrive back at camp and enjoy a drink before dinner
  • 20h00 Dinner

When to Go

This region of South Africa is popular throughout the year; however some activities may be better booked in summer, or winter. Popular safari seasons are during winter (June-August) as the temperatures are cooler and the bush is less dense.

Temperatures in the Lowveld can drop below 10 degrees Celsius in winter, while daytime temperatures are mild in the mid-20s. Game viewing is often best at this time of year, and outdoor activities may be more enjoyable in the mild weather.

Summer months can bring heavy rainfall, while the hot temperatures reaching the mid-40s can appeal to some sun-lovers! Birdlife is abundant and the presence of water makes the surroundings beautifully green. Early mornings and evenings are pleasantly warm for sunrise and sunset activities.

What to Pack

Throughout the year, we recommend packing lightweight, neutral-coloured clothing. Guests should pack sun protection in the form of sunblock, sun hats, and glasses, while scarfs, jackets and gloves are needed for early morning game drive in winter. By 10h00 the mornings will have warmed up and you’ll be looking forward to a dip in the pool, so pack those swimming togs.

Walking safaris and wilderness trails require appropriate footwear – closed walking/hiking shoes. Pack long trousers and shorts, long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts in order to cater for the cool mornings and warm afternoons.

Bring along cameras, binoculars and recording gadgets to keep a record of the many wildlife sightings. There are many bird and wildlife books on offer at the lodge, making for interesting reading, but guests should specific books and games for entertainment.

What to Expect

Luxurious, old Africa-styled tented suites set the tone, encouraging guests to feel well and truly transformed to a forgotten era of African travel. This is about wilderness trails, exploring the Klaserie on foot as a speciality activity, and feeling in touch with the earth.

Ivory Wilderness Riversong Camp comes with a view, so expect to want to spend hours on end admiring the river below the lodge and the expansive vistas that abound. Sunsets are a particularly memorable time of day and when not out on game drive, the sunset can be admired from the deck.

Expect to feel whisked away to a luxurious safari destination without the frills of a 5-Star operation. The atmosphere is friendly and casual, yet sophisticated and entirely professional. Warren is the owner and guide, sharing his passion for the area in which he grew up.

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