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The presence of the Klaserie River in front of the lodge brings wildlife to the banks to drink on a daily basis offering superb game viewing and bird watching


With the presence of grazers and browsers comes the predator population, including some of Africa’s rare and endangered hunters, such as the wild dog. Lion prides are dominant and solitary leopards patrol the plains, while crocodiles lurk in the waters, and raptors prey from above. Nocturnal carnivores, such as honey badgers, civets, and genets, are a few of the after-dark species often seen in the wild.  


The Kruger Park is home to almost 150 mammal species. The presence of the Klaserie River in front of Ivory Wilderness Camp brings waterbuck, impala, giraffe, zebra, kudu, elephant, and many others to the banks to drink on a daily basis, while species like the hippo, rhino, and buffalo are also commonly seen large mammals. Warthog, nyala, bushbuck, grysbok, steenbok, duiker, and more are spotted in abundance.


Over 500 bird species find their home in the Kruger Park, including over 100 migrant breeders. The location of Ivory Wilderness Camp brings the added birding benefit of the river, which invites many water birds and waders to its banks. Herons, storks and kingfishers; hawks, owls and eagles; bee-eaters, larks, and bush shrikes, plus so many more are part of the birding experience in Klaserie.

Top Wildlife Moments at Ivory Wilderness

Big Cats and Elephants Love the Klaserie River

Lions cross the Klaserie River while a leoaprd seeks solitude in the fork of a tree. 

Birds, Scavengers, Lions and Plains Game

A wealth of wildlife of enjoying easy access to water and availability of food. 

The Big Five Thrive on Our Landscape

Rocky terrain and a meandering river provide the perfect habitat for the big five to thrive. 

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